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Nike Air Max is a line of shoes first released by in 1987.Now Nike Air Max has became the main products of Nike shoes. Since its introduction,Nike has frequently introduced new and updated models of the Nike Air Max Shoes.


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The woman needs to have the double good shoe

Par nike air max :: 31/03/2011 à 5:14 :: shoes
Shoes are the best accessories

 If you watched "Sex and the City," Kelly, you'll remember how fanatical love Air Max 2009  shoes. Even if it is in financial predicament, but also the purchase of shoes cost $ 40,000; hit the robber, she would offer Fendi bags, rings, watches, do not want to be robbed at the foot of a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Like many women of fashion, like a keen, clear shoes, Kelly did more than any other accessories affect the overall shape. A good pair of shoes to make themselves look more beautiful, more outstanding. Clothes and shoes can add brilliance. Embodies the personal style of wearing shoes, people's overall image was more meaningful. Shoe wardrobe management but also for the finishing touch, such as boat shoes, black high-heeled, black boots, comfortable and beautiful flat shoes and other basic styles of shoes can make women more comfortably deal with various situations and opportunities.

 look at shoes woman

 know the saying goes, look at look at the shoes. Shoes exposure to a large extent our personality. Flat shoes, high heels, thick heels, platform shoes, boots, sandals, shoes wide range of different languages ​​communicate, tell a different emotion. American Beauty Health writer and journalist Sidai Fanny • Peterson that can be seen through a person's shoes styles, personality characteristics and goals of demand. No help for everyday wear slippers: you are an old-fashioned singer-style people, they live in order to attract men's attention. Brown Oxford shoes: you are either a librarian or student of literature, or small store salesperson. Not? Are you aware of that problem out?

 walking shoes, day wear, day wear: you may be suffering from foot to make, but this safe, comfortable ideas make you look very miserable, and always tired to work, waiting for someone else's role.

 casual shoes: you most likely typical of the women, their husbands, have children, their careers on track. Your hair and makeup are quite satisfactory.

 Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahniks (internationally renowned brand, popular with celebrities pursuit of love) and so on: you are either a rich and fashion-conscious people, or is there a very rich lover.

 addition, according to experts, Susan • Reynolds American footwear, shoes, men's understanding of women for granted and there are many interesting ideas.

 wrapped ankle shoes: She is very pretty ankles; sports shoes: She loves sports; clogs: her love of romantic fairy tale; canvas casual shoes: a taste of her life; cowboy boots: her personality is straightforward; herringbone slippers: she is very trendy; platform shoes: Her courage, daring; high heels: She especially sexy.

TIPS: 1. a wise investment in women pay more attention to shoes, shopping, budget 1 / 3 used in the shoe. 2. The shape of shoes and his feet to be consistent. Wide toes, do not buy pointed shoes, even if the size is suitable. 3. Not all manufacturers are the same size shoes, shoes must be tried in person before buying. 4. Not fit the shoes can not be repaired, unless the foot is willing to endure the pain, otherwise we must reluctantly part. 5. Shoes and clothing to be, occasions, goals, needs coordinated. Good-looking high heels again, and do not wear to catch a plane. 6. Keep in mind that shoes just shoes. Change the Air Max 24-7 shoes, my life.


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