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Nike Air Max is a line of shoes first released by in 1987.Now Nike Air Max has became the main products of Nike shoes. Since its introduction,Nike has frequently introduced new and updated models of the Nike Air Max Shoes.


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Writes the history with the foot

Par nike air max :: 02/04/2011 à 4:44 :: shoes
Exactly 100 years old this year, Converse, NEW BALANCE 102 years old, cock brand le coq sportif more 116 years old! These Air Max 2009 shoes symbolize youth, are in fact a hundred years old, 100 years, they tell stories with their feet and write history ...

figures to give the brand image of cross-era symbol of

different people give different goods of the soul, manifested in the street or court step approach to walk, a hundred years ago is still a small open source company, at the beginning is always humble.

1908, the Massachusetts town, Marquis Miller Converse Converse rubber shoes, shoe factory was founded, until 1918, high school basketball star Chuck Taylor to put the world's first dual-function shoe All Star, Converse became the United States after World War I roots of one of the symbols.

1906 was founded in Boston NEW BALANCE, specifically for those special feet for sewing shoes, still in the United States so far is the only locally made traditional brand sports shoes, like the appearance of a small grocery store, a hundred years to provide intimate shoe service. Brand proud of jogging shoes, sports shoes to enter the sector in 1960, many players were wearing Marathon NEW BALANCE, the endurance classic and brand through the years.

shoes is a symbol of ordinary people, also got in popular culture, Converse creative way Look back shoes road show.

rooster mascot of the French people's minds in order for the Logo of the le coq sportif in 1882 to establish the image of a warm, good use of colors, French humor, athletes revealed a pleasurable feeling. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, under the auspices of the current President of small Buxi Jia, NEW BALANCE strengthened leadership in running shoes, jogging Air Max 24-7 shoes in 1976, development of 320, was "Runner's World" Campaign magazine as "the world's first running shoes" So far, undefeated professional image.

30 至 50's basketball fever heat in the United States, a time when the rise of rock and roll era, Converse appearances in Hollywood movies from time to time, so Chuck Taylor All Star shoes with jeans, soft drinks, promotion, part of youth culture into the United States, 90 off Grunge craze of Nirvana, Kurt Cobian lead singer on the stage decadence brush moaning guitar, wearing a baggy sweater with a lot of damage to deal with the jeans, wear to the soles of the feet is always stepping tattered Converse.

famous relaxed to a century of French veteran le coq sportif, due to France cock mascot logo, people nicknamed "the cock card."

sophisticated shoes in addition to professional features, such as NEW BALANCE amphibious just launched for the 920 outdoor sports shoes, re-shaping the image of the brand through a new generation of these figures, with the classic image of each exchange, an outbreak of a contemporary creativity large space. Converse centenary of image advertising, that is, through the James Dean, Sid Vicious, Billie Joe Armstrong, Karen O, Joan Jett and other legends from generation to generation, to show loyalty to the new trend of self Converse.

in Taiwan, has just ended the "Rise from the Creative Arts Exhibition", the curators were invited composers from the Swiss music, art, sports, fashion, celebrity field, and Converse are now playing a subversive, full of fantasy means of improvisation original campaign to deconstruct, re-injected into the spirit of creation, the director Leste Chen completed "Converse road movie", Air Max 2009 shoes became negative on life's journey; soda Qingfeng Green lead singer of "pile foot to travel," marching to imagine stepping on anyone who wants to to the landscape; singer Zhang's "Little Black", through a combination of plant life into a vivid murals, each one of the Converse brand new I have a very personal interpretation.


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