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Kate princess hat style. Nifty restoring ancient ways

Par nike air max :: 04/05/2011 à 5:59 :: business
Red Bull Hats culture in the United Kingdom has a long historical tradition, a hat ladies and gentlemen not only indispensable in the dress of a decoration. According to aristocratic tradition, the hat worn on the head or a social status symbol. Every attended public, Kate also like to wear elegant princess hat decorated with chic, learn to respect the national traditional culture, but also highlighted the distinguished status. Today let us learn to hats to decorate the hair under.

1. 2005, attended high society and the Rose Aster Hugh Van Custem wedding ceremony, of course, to wear decent clothing, then very young Kate Middleton, has chosen a delicate black mesh hat, but never in the exaggerated, snatched the limelight host family.

2.2005 horse on the sidelines in the Gatcombe Park Festival, to a dignified and casual style of Kate Middleton, wearing hats decorated with feathers for the Knights set off, fashion and style, with an outfit together with the field are relatively costume.

3. 2006.3 Cheltenham festival, wearing a khaki coat of Kate Middleton, select the time when the very popular Russian "fur" hat for the costume, the latest fashion, they also seem elegant.

4. and 2005 compared to the black mesh hat, top decorated with feather headdresses that are much more eye-catching bright, I believe the royal family in the wedding, had given many members of the royal family was impressed.

5. the steady growth of Kate Middleton, dressed in the selection of clothes, the more elegance, while retaining the flavor of the little girl. Black dots in this body suit, she has chosen this unique and interesting roof design broad-brimmed hat for the costume, and identity with age-matched.

6.2009 a small hat on top of this can be said that Kate Middleton is one of the masterpieces. Matching flowers on the Monster Energy Hats and coat lining to the full ten apart is also very unique style design, fashion Sauvignon.

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